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Athens Baking Co. Bakes Bun for 777 lb Hamburger

Athens Baking was proud to be the supplier of the hamburger bun for the world’s largest commercially available hamburger, prepared and presented at the 99th Annual Alameda (CA) County Fair. The finished burger, prepared and grilled by Juicys Outlaw BBQ with assistance from Ovations Food Service, weighed in at an impressive 777 pounds including the bun and toppings…30 lbs of shredded lettuce, 20 lbs of sliced onions, 110 lbs of sliced tomatoes, and 12 lbs. of pickles. To accommodate this showcase burger, Athens Baking prepared a 4-foot diameter hamburger bun.

Bites of this monster burger were sold to fair goers for $0.99 and all proceeds from the sales benefitted the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Click on images below to see larger photos from the event.